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Full Service Food Scrap Collection

The City of Albany has partnered with several full-service food waste composting services to provide free pick-up receptacles. Residents must only pay a small monthly fee to have their kitchen food scraps picked up hassle-free.


Please place them in your kitchen scraps bin and at your door on designated pick-up days. The food scraps will be transported to different locations within the City to be processed and turned into compost.  The following companies have been identified:

The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center's Community Composting Initiative is a weekly residential curbside food waste collection service. We service the majority of Albany with solar-charged electric cargo bicycles and tricycles. Food wastes are composted at the one-acre Radix educational farm in Albany's South End where they are used to regenerate degraded soils and to build food sovereignty in environmental justice communities.


Service Cost: Click here for more information on the cost of this program.

The City of Albany will underwrite the cost of the container needed for the program.



FoodScraps360 is a local residential and commercial food waste collection company servicing the Capital Region. Our mission is education, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for residents and businesses to divert food waste from our landfills so we can reduce our waste and our environmental footprint and instead, recycle those nutrients back into our Earth in the form of beautiful Compost! We also service events and are the "Official Composter of Choice" for the Troy and Delmar Farmers Markets.


We accept ALL dairy, cheeses, meats, fish, bones, plants, and compostable packaging!


We offer one FREE 40lb bag of compost back to our customers each growing season, which gets delivered right to your door! Additional bags can be purchased at a discount through the customer shop and delivered to your door!


Service Cost:  Click here for more information on the cost of this program.

The City of Albany will underwrite the cost of the container.