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Discover the joy of repurposing your household waste into unique creations! Have you ever considered using old jar lids, coffee cans, or T-shirts? We're here to show you how easy it can be. Our step-by-step guides and fun ideas will help you transform trash into treasure, whether it's making planters out of coffee cans or turning old T-shirts into tote bags. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve!


Let's get creative and give new life to things we'd normally throw away!"

Jar Lid Picture Frame

Jar Lid


The Cutest Homemade Picture Frames. Transform these leftover Mason jar lids into picture frames that can be displayed on a refrigerator.

Plastic Bottles


Make a vertical garden by cutting plastic bottles and hanging them on a wall.

Glass Jars


Place tea lights inside glass jars to make candle holders or lanterns.  Turn jars into stylish storage containers for kitchen ingredients or craft supplies.

Cardboard Boxes


Transform cardboard boxes into storage bins by covering them with fabric or paper.



Make woven baskets using rolled-up magazine pages.

Clothes Hangers


Repurpose wooden hangers as photo or art display frames.

Coffee Can Planting


Make a plant container by decorating and repurposing coffee cans.Create a pencil or art supply holder using coffee cans.

Shoe Boxes


Use shoeboxes as drawer organizers or dividers. Transform shoeboxes into decorative gift boxes.

T-Shirt Tote with Fridge


Create a fashionable tote bag by adding fringe to the bottom of an old T-shirt.