Rapp Road Landfill...

The City of Albany, acting as lead agent for the Capital Region Solid Waste Management Partnership Planning Unit (formerly known as “ANSWERS”), operates a solid waste management system located in the City of Albany, Albany County, New York.

Currently, with a combined population of approximotely 206,000 people, these communities include:

Towns of...

• Berne

• Bethlehem

• Guilderland,

• Knox

• New Scotland

   (including the Villiage of Voorheesville)

• Westerlo

Villages of...

• Green Island

• Altamont

As part of the solid waste management system, the City of Albany operates a landfill facility on Rapp Road within the city. This landfill, which is fully permitted by the NYSDEC, is anticipated to be able to provide relatively low cost, reliable and environmentally sound waste disposal capacity for the Planning Unit until the end of 2016.

In addition to the landfill facility, the municipalities that make up the Planning Unit typically operate resident's drop-off stations for those residents who do not contract with private waste and recycling collection companies. Some municipalities, including the City of Albany, also facilitate the collection of yard waste, household hazardous wastes and electronics waste.

The Planning Unit is also served by several commercial recycling facilities that accept recyclables from both municipal and commercial collection vehicles. These facilities hold contracts with the Planning Unit municipalities or with the commercial collection companies.

Want More Information?

City of Albany Rapp Road Waste Management Facility
525 Rapp Road, Albany, NY 12205
P: 518-869-3651  |  F: 518-869-6825

Odor Hotline:

If you detect an odor that you think is coming from the City of Albany's Rapp Road landfill,

please call 453-8288 to report it.

For More information, please vist:

Solid Waste Managemnet System: http://www.capitalregionlandfill.com/

Capital Region Recycling Partnership: http://www.capitalregionrecycling.com/

Should you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact:

City of Albany Rapp Road Waste Management Facility

Compost Facility is located at:

Department of General Services 
One Richard J. Conner’s Blvd. 
Albany, New York 12204
Phone (518) 434-2489

Residents Only:

Compost and mulch can be obtained free of charge by city residents during normal compost facility business hours. 

Note: Residents must enter at the entrance to facility, check in at booth, and show proof of residency prior to obtaining compost or mulch. There is a maximum limit of 30 gallons or (6) five-gallon buckets of each item, per resident per day. FREE COMPOST AND MULCH IS FOR RESIDENTIAL USE FOR CITY RESIDENTS ONLY.

Compost and mulch are no longer available at the dead end of Erie Blvd

Residents, Non - Residents & Commercial Generators:

Yard waste is accepted at the Compost Facility at a cost of $10.00 per cubic yard from non-residents and commercial generators. The attendant on duty reserves the right not to accept any material deemed contaminated, excessive volumes, oversized items, or otherwise inappropriate for the compost processing equipment. Note: Any yard waste containing stones or rocks will be refused.

The following items are available for purchase during regular business hours:

• Screened Compost $10.00 cyd
• Un-Screened Compost $8.00 cyd
• Mulch\Woodchips $10.00 cyd 
• Screened Topsoil $15.00 cyd
• City of Albany Cobblestone $2.00 each

Volume prices available (must sign a minimum quantity contract)

All transactions must be paid for with cash or check at the Department of General Services Main Office prior to receiving their compost. Credit cards are not accepted. Under no circumstances will payments be accepted at the compost facility itself. 

Commercial or non profit interests may obtain a permit and be billed monthly for the quantities purchased. For a copy of the permit application please call (518) 869-3651.

To ensure the Compost Facility has opened for the season, please call the

Department of General Services at 518-434-2489.